Parish Reports


in the Deanery of Bradfield

April 2014 - March 2015

Reference and Administrative information

Englefield Parochial Church Council

Priest-in-Charge of the Benefice The Revd Ann Templeman
Parish Office St Mark’s House, Englefield, RG7 5EP
Bank Lloyds TSB, 1-2 Market Place, Reading, RG1 2BQ
Independent Examiner Mr F W Wells FCA

During the year the following served as members of the PCC:

Resident Priest The Revd Nicholas Wynne-Jones                   Chairman
Associate Priest The Revd Peter Templeman
Wardens Dr Carolyn Boulter
             Mr Peter Haig                                                       Vice-Chairman

Representatives on Deanery Synod

Dr Hugh Boulter from APCM 2014
Mr Torquil Montague-Johnstone from APCM 2014
Mrs Catherine Collings (part) from APCM 2014
Mr David Gibbons (part) from 22 Sept 2014

Elected Members

Sir William Benyon (part) from APCM 2013
Mrs Gill Barton from APCM 2013
Mrs Dinah Perkins from APCM 2013
Mrs Penny Savage Secretary from APCM 2013
Lady Benyon until APCM 2015
Mrs Victoria Fishburn until APCM 2015
Mrs Catherine Haig until APCM 2015
Mrs Susan Smith until APCM 2015
Mrs Melanie Townsend until APCM 2015
Mr David Gibbons (part) from APCM 2014
Mr Don Barton Treasurer from APCM 2014
Mrs Liz Marillier from APCM 2014

Structure, Governance and Management

Members of the PCC are either ex-officio or elected by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) in accordance with the Church Representation Rules. The Council maintains 12 elected lay representatives having declined to accept the default laid out in the Synodical Government (Amendment) Measure 2003. Twelve elected members served during the year, although we regret to report that Sir William Benyon, our Patron, died in May 2014, and is greatly missed.

Objectives and Activities

The PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the Priest-in-Charge of the Benefice and the
Resident Priest in promoting the whole mission of the Church pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical in the ecclesiastical parish of Englefield and as part of a joint Benefice with Holy Trinity Theale. The Resident Priest, the Revd Nicholas Wynne-Jones, continues his ministry at St Mark’s. A ministerial working agreement between the Priest-in-Charge of the Benefice and Resident Priest is still outstanding at the time of writing. This protracted matter has been a serious distraction from the ministry and mission of the church and a severe drain on the time and energy of several Council members in particular.

The PCC has met six times during the year with average attendance of 79.6%.
The Standing Committee has not met formally this year, but items for discussion are usually
circulated via email and business given due consideration.

Mission Action Planning
The MAP has been implemented under the following headings:
• Ministry: a consistent service pattern and structured biblical teaching, developing people’s
gifts (eg a pastoral visitation & Christianity Explored (CE) team), new Bible study group;
• Maintenance: a limited, but successful, appeal;
• Mission: every home in the parish visited and to continue; CE, bridge building into the
community (eg Harvest & WW1) and school (including valuable contribution from the
Resident's Priest's wife).

Child Protection Policy
The Council has a Child Protection policy statement in accordance with CRB legislation. Our Parish Verifier has begun to use the on-line system for disclosures. The Council appreciates having the volunteers who comply with the DBS disclosure procedures and is very grateful for the efficient and confidential organisation of this key area by the Council member concerned.

The Quinquennial Inspection was due in 2014. However bad weather has delayed some of the
structural work being done as required by the 2009 inspection. Michael Clews the appointed Inspecting Architect has agreed to carry out the Quinquennial inspection once that work is complete and David Shepherd Secretary, Bradfield Deanery Quinquennial Inspection Committee, has been kept informed. Inspections of fire equipment were made. The electrical system was also fully tested and to meet current safety requirements.


Achievements and Performance

Attendance (Last year’s figures are shown in brackets)
The electoral roll has been revised in accordance with Church Representation Rules and stands at 126 (126), 101 (97) of whom are not resident within the parish. The average ‘normal’ Sunday
attendance is 72 (66) including children, with this number greatly increased during festivals. The 'Statistics for Mission January to December 2014' form includes the following data:-
              Baptisms, or Thanksgivings 4 (7) Marriages 6 (5) Funerals 6 (1)
The high educational standard of Englefield Church of England Primary School attracts young
families to St Mark’s and a small number of these are regular worshippers. There is a wonderful
attendance of families of all ages at the special services for festivals such as Harvest and Mothering Sunday. The Easter Day and Christmas services always bring a full church.

Mission Link
During the year the Council reviewed its support in Tanzania and now contributes to the Mama
Bahati Foundation, a micro credit scheme, which the Most Reverend Donald Mtetemela, former Archbishop of Ruaha, created and directs.
A visit in September by Bishop Ken Barham, former Bishop of Cyangugu in Rwanda, has created a link with his ministry and outreach there. The Harvest offertory was taken in support of the Lawrence Barham Memorial Trust. The work of PACT is also acknowledged at Harvest, by sending gifts of food in conjunction with Englefield Primary School.
At Christmas the Council continued its support of Christian Community Action Reading and the
Salvation Army. The third charity supported was Tearfund's Syria Appeal, which was highlighted by using the Hope Together Silent Night Carol Service. A Christmas shoebox appeal for Smile International was organised and generously supported.

Spiritual Development
The Monday Bible Study group continues. A Home Group in Englefield village has been formed
with about 16 members, which has studied 1 Thessalonians - Living to Please God - and The Servant King using St Mark's Gospel.
A fortnightly ‘daily office’ meeting called 'Time to Pray' in the Englefield Chapel began in
November, to which the Priest-in-Charge of the Benefice and members of Holy Trinity Theale are invited. 'Time to Pray' follows the format of the book of the same name which is based on Common Worship, meeting for half-an-hour twice a month.
The Eucharistic Prayer B of Common Worship is used, as well as the Book of Common Prayer for daily office and Eucharist. A member of the Council co-ordinates a rota for those leading intercessions dur
ing the Sunday service and is the contact point for those in need of prayer, for which the Council is sincerely grateful. The Council proposed two further people as Administrators of the Chalice, which the Bishop of Reading kindly approved.

Church Aided School
Two elected Governors from the Council continue to serve and there is a close association with the school, with both practical and prayer support. In June one of the two PCC elected Governors retired after many years of service, having also served as Chair of Governors. The Foundation Governor of the school was subsequently appointed in her place. The Council also confirmed the appointment of the current Chair of Governors as Foundation Governor, jointly with the PCCs of Tidmarsh and Sulham. The Council is deeply grateful for the dedication
and service of the Governors.
Spiritual links with the school are provided with regular special services in St Mark’s Church. The
Resident Priest takes a weekly assembly and his wife regularly visits to help in school. The School choir took part in several of the services at Christmas.

The Sunday Club attendance is variable week by week, but about 16 children and babies make
up the core group. It has an enthusiastic rota of seven leaders for the primary-age group and five for the crèche. Planning meetings with leaders are held to consider involvement in services and extra resources. A member of the Council organises the rota and distribution of the teaching materials which have followed On the Way for most of this year. A change to materials from Mustard Seeds has just begun. The children are encouraged to play a part in the family services throughout the year. Children from the Englefield Nursery and from Englefield Primary School were invited to take part in a Nativity tableau during the Sunday morning service before Christmas and are invited to other celebrations, ie Mothering Sunday.

The Council aims to provide 10% of its unrestricted income, averaged over any three year period, to specific outreach appeals. Good stewardship of St Mark’s amongst the congregation and parish community is promoted. World War One commemorations marking 100 years of its start, the Christmas Carol Service, a Parish Ploughman's lunch and the Pottenger Bequest distribution have all provided ideal opportunities for outreach in the Englefield community and parish, with continuing pastoral visitation.

Ecumenical links

Churches Together in Theale and Englefield provided carol singing on the high street in Theale just before Christmas. A service to celebrate the week of Christian Unity was held at Holy Trinity. The Council is mindful of co-operation within the benefice, as and when suitable for the parish.


A group of singers supports weekly worship. They performed at the Christmas Carol service with a soloist. On Easter Day members of Enharmonic choir joined them, with Daniel Nicholls as organist, and the service ended with the Hallelujah Chorus. The Council is most appreciative of the talent and commitment of the three local organists who play at our Sunday morning services, on a rota basis.


The Council appreciates the enthusiasm of the dedicated team of 5-6 bell ringers and those who join them for weddings and special services. The Tower displays the Bell Ringers Central Council's own guidelines on child protection. A hand bell band was formed once again for the Carol service.


One of the Deanery Synod representatives sadly passed away this year and it was felt that an immediate replacement would ensure our support and participation in all Deanery matters continues. The recalculation of the Parish Share and the Deanery MAP have been reported on. The Spiritual Development Group (SDG) continues to provide a varied programme of talks and events with well respected speakers. Deanery events are always well advertised in the parish and supported. 'Let's Talk Theology' has continued for a second season, ably facilitated by a member of the Council.

Public Benefit

The Council ensures that Bible study classes are open to everyone, the church is left open for visitors to the maximum extent possible, special services are held for the local school, etc. Having referred to the guidance contained in the Charity Commission general guidance on public benefit, the trustees are confident that they comply with the Charity Commission guidance.


The St Mark's website continues to provide relevant information about the church, the services and the events. Visitors to the site read the Resident Priest's monthly parish letter, the reflection from the weekly pew bulletin, the weekly CARE prayers and a daily Bible verse. It gives links to the Nursery, the School, the Five-a-Day Market Garden, Theale churches and Village. The Council is grateful to the webmaster for keeping it current and interesting. Brief information about St Mark's services and events continues to be available on the diocesan website 'A Church Near You'.


The Council aims to keep the church in good repair and to monitor the upkeep and appearance of the graveyard in accordance with the latest Diocesan and parish regulations. Funding was applied for and granted to finance the work on the second stage of the Faculty granted, but it has continued slowly and has had to stop until the threat of frost recedes. A Faulty for the resiting of the Bioloo was granted, returning easy access to the toilet facilities within the church boundary. A Faculty for the installation of a handrail and newel post by the steps to the pulpit has been submitted.

Financial Review

The Council intends to keep a cash balance at all times sufficient to cover commitments. The Council appointed a member as Assistant Treasurer, to be responsible for financial planning.


Rev A Templeman

signed on behalf of the Council at the APCM on Monday 27 April 2015 by the Chairman






During the year Englefield was represented on the Deanery Synod by Torquil Montagu-Johnstone, Hugh Boulter and Catherine Collings until her sad and untimely death in the autumn. She was replaced by David Gibbons. Hugh Boulter also represented the parish on the Deanery Spiritual Development Group

Deanery Synod met three times during the year and again a main emphasis was on the Deanery Mission Action Plan when individual parishes reported on what they were doing. The Area Dean commented that there was much energy and progress being shown throughout the Deanery. St Mark’s reported in particular on its work with young people and on its outreach to all those in Englefield.  Our Resident Priest had visited all those within the parish and was now visiting those who came from outside the parish and who form a majority of the congregation. The congregation continues to grow steadily and several hundred people, a significant number of them new to the church, attended the five services over the Christmas season. We also made significant donations to the Church overseas. At its October meeting the Deanery Synod focussed through a Lectio Divina on St Luke’s Gospel chapter 10 (The sending out of the seventy).  At its February meeting, the Deanery heard from Heather Bull about the charity, Home for Good, which encourages Christian families to consider adopting children in need.

Spiritual Development Group. During the year we had termly talks from Joanna Collicutt on End of Life, held at Englefield, Hugh Boulter on Christianity, Islam and British Society, and David Wilbraham on Police Chaplaincy.  In addition Revd Adam Boulter led a session on Listening to  Silence in the Quaker Tradition, and Hugh Boulter led a series of seminars for lay people in the Deanery entitled Let’s Talk Theology.  Overall, St Mark’s has been active in supporting the important work of the Deanery.  Hugh Boulter         



The Sunday Club attendance is variable week by week, but about 16 children and babies make up the core group.  It has an enthusiastic rota of seven leaders for the primary-age group and five for the crèche.  Planning meetings with leaders are held to consider involvement in services and extra resources.  A member of the Council organises the rota and distribution of the teaching materials which have followed On the Way for most of this year.  A change to materials from Mustard Seeds has just begun.  The children are encouraged to play a part in the family services throughout the year.  Children from the Englefield Nursery and from Englefield Primary School were invited to take part in a Nativity tableau during the Sunday morning service before Christmas and are invited to other celebrations, ie Mothering Sunday.  Catherine Haig



In the last year the small group of singers has continued to help lead the worship for our regular Sunday services.  We have been able to sing during Communion and have learned a few hymns new to us.

The highlights of the year for us have been the service on Easter Day and the Carol service.  At Easter we were joined by some members of the Enharmonic choir with Daniel Nicholls as organist, and the service ended with the Hallelujah Chorus.  For the Carols by Candlelight service we were again helped by Tiffany Ebrey and were privileged to have Cathryn McAndrew to sing solos.

We would very much welcome others to join us on a regular basis or for special occasions. 

Gill Barton



We remain a popular school within the local community, we have 108 pupils on roll, 40% of families come from Englefield, Sulham, Tidmarsh and Theale, and of these we have 15 children at the school who live in Englefield and North Street. 

Our links with the Church and our local community are strong, services take place in St Mark’s regularly.  The Revd Nick Wynne Jones is a regular visitor to our school taking weekly assemblies, and his wife Harriet is a valued voluntary helper at the school.   We continue to host the termly Village Forum meetings with the Englefield Estate and other village businesses, where we exchange news on activities and look at how we can liaise to the benefit of all within our small village.

Pupil achievement continues to be high and is a credit to the teaching and learning that goes on throughout the whole school.  We are approaching five years since we were last inspected, so we are expecting to receive an inspection from Ofsted this summer. 

We will see some changes to staffing this year.  Mrs Leach, our Headteacher for the past four years is moving on to a Headship in Maidenhead.  Our Year 5/6 teacher, Peter Howe, will also be leaving at the end of the summer term.  In January we appointed a new Headteacher, Andrew Ind, who will take up post in April, and we are currently advertising for a replacement teacher. 

We remain high profile with our music, ably led by our Senior Teacher Mrs Latimer.  Our children have taken part in the Junior Music Festival at the Hexagon, the annual Christmas Service for Launchpad at Reading Minster and the Bradfield May Fayre.

In line with the government’s PE for Schools Grant, our extra-curricular clubs offer a variety of sporting opportunities for our children to try.  This year we have run taster sessions in basketball, fencing and archery.

We benefit from a very active and supportive PTA who work hard to provide the school with those extra resources which school budgets cannot fund.  Our murder mystery event has become a regular in our annual calendar, thanks to Mrs Schreiber and her team of players.  The focus for our fundraising is primarily to upgrade our ICT resources.  It is eight years since we installed our ICT suite and much of the hardware around the school needs upgrading to bring it into line with modern methods of accessing the internet.  Our Infant classrooms and outdoor areas have benefited from new resources this year, and we are also looking at our outside area – particularly our pond to make it into a more science and nature based teaching area (many thanks to Gordon Fletcher for all his hard work).                Susan Smith




The Englefield bell ringers have been steadily improving their skills and we are very lucky to have such a committed team of bell ringers.  Altogether we have 6 ringers and 2 experienced ringers from the Pangbourne tower who teach and support us every Tuesday and Sunday.  We would really like new ringers to join us, and there is always the opportunity to find out more or come and watch us on any Tuesday evening.  Everyone would be made most welcome on either Tuesday evening from 7.30 pm or Sunday morning at 10.00 am.

A half-muffled quarter peal of Stedman Triples was rung to mark the celebration of Sir William Benyon’s life after the funeral on 15th May 2014.  Sir William was a great friend and benefactor to the tower and his cheery hello at the tower door has been greatly missed.

The Englefield Tower took part in the Newbury Ringing Roadshow in September 2014.  We had 10 visiting ringers from Cambridge, London, Surrey, Kent and Staffordshire who stopped on their way to ring for half hour and then continued on to the big ringing event at the Newbury Race Course.  Janine Alston



The Englefield Parish News is published 10 times a year with approximately 180 copies distributed in and around the village and to the congregation. It combines village news - from Englefield C of E Primary School, the 5 a day Market Garden, the Social Club etc - with church news and information. 

A weekly bulletin is distributed each Sunday, giving details of the service for that day, the parish prayer list, the weekly Reflection and upcoming events.

 The St Mark’s website – – continues to receive a good number of visitors, from 7,000 to 11,000 pages viewed every month. It provides another source of information about the church, including its history, together with a calendar of services and events, a daily Bible reading and the CARE prayer diary. The Resident Priest's monthly letter and the weekly Reflection are reproduced both here and in the Parish News. There are links to Englefield Nursery School, the Primary School, the Five-a-Day Market Garden, the Englefield Estate, the Theale churches and Village. Information about St Mark’s services also continues to be uploaded onto the website A Church Near YouCatherine Haig & Saffy O’Sullivan



The Electoral Roll has been revised in accordance with Church Representation Rules.  The number on roll is 126, of which 25 are resident and 101 are non-resident.   Doris Edwards



The parish accounts show a small surplus of £1,771 in 2014, compared to a deficit of £9703 in 2013.  Income at £71,423 was at approximately the same level as the previous year.

            Income for the year includes approximately £20,000 exceptional donations given in response to our fabric appeal and these are not expected to be repeated in 2015. The PCC is particularly grateful for the congregation for their generous response to the special appeal at the beginning of 2014.  Expenses totalled £69,652.

Outreach donations in the year were £8094 which were in line with the PCC policy that outreach should average 10% of unrestricted income over any five year period. The parish has for many years supported the Anglican Church of Tanzania and it is currently committed to supporting the Mama Bahati Foundation in Iringa.  This is a micro credit organisation started by the church which serves disadvantaged women in rural areas. There have been some outstanding success stories of women building their own prosperity from small loans at reasonable interest rates and we believe that outreach to organisations such as this give us the opportunity of furthering the Christian message in a very practical way. We also made donations in the year to the Salvation Army, Christian Community Action, British Legion and Tearfund.

The parish has a fine and well maintained Grade1 listed church and on average a building of this size and age requires annual maintenance and repairs of around £25,000.  The last Quinquennial survey in 2009 identified work needed during the following five years totalling £110,000.  The first three phases of the work totalling around £70,000 will be completed by mid 2015 and these were the items which we were advised to deal with in 2009/10, so we are running somewhat late.  The next phase of work will be started towards the end of 2015 and the priorities will be informed by a new Quinquennial survey planned for 2015.  The parish is extremely grateful for the assistance given by the Englefield Estate Office who have managed the project and this has resulted in substantial savings in project management fees.

The Parish Share of £17,192 was the second largest item of expense. This is a contribution to the Diocese for common expenses.  In 2014 it was again paid in full using the same formula used by the Diocese and Deanery to allocate to individual parishes. The share for many other parishes is higher than Englefield because it has to include stipends and housing costs provided by the Diocese.  Englefield has its own Resident Priest who gives of his time freely and housing is provided by members of the congregation.

Theale, our neighbouring parish has struggled with sustainability over the last fifteen years and, over that time, it has been supported by all the parishes in the Bradfield Deanery including, disproportionately, by Englefield.  Englefield has additionally offered to take a lead within the Deanery in putting together a support package for Theale and discussions can begin as soon as a plan is available setting out the magnitude of the help needed and over what period of time.

Looking to the future, income is expected to be lower in 2015 due to the one off special donations received in 2014 and we will be budgeting a small surplus for 2015 after a more modest provision for necessary repairs.  Don Barton & David Gibbons